2015 Cadillac Escalade 4WD Premium SUV

20151031_172117On a cool November morning, I dropped by Pirate Radio (104.7 FM – Greeley) to show the DJ’s a Cadillac Escalade painted Dark Granite metallic and featuring a Kona brown/black leather interior.  I take a vehicle to “The Pirate” every Friday morning, and this week I was fortunate enough to arrive in a beauty.

Both Matt “The Big Kahuna” Arguello and George “Elvis” Gray seemed to like the Caddy, and George found favor with the driving environment and dashboard appointments.  Matt fell in love with the power retractable assist steps ($1,695.00), and is currently in the market for some to put on his GMC pickup.  The Escalade had a lot of other optional equipment on it, which I will go over later, and the base price was $84,070.00.20151101_075008

Cadillac sells around 30,000 of these Escalades each year, and have offered the full-size SUV since 1999.  The one I tested came from Automotive Media Solutions in Denver, and total sticker price was $89,360.00.  Equipment on hand other than the steps included the Kona brown interior setup ($2,000.00), and ultra-bright 22″ alloy wheels ($600.00).  Freight to deliver the Escalade to Denver (from the plant in Arlington, TX) is $995.00.

As a Premium edition of the Escalade, the loaner had pretty much every imaginable option, including rear seat entertainment, 16-speaker Bose stereo, power everything, and 6.2 liter V-8 power plant.  An eight-speed automatic is installed, and of course the vehicle is a four-wheel drive design.  It was very enjoyable to test, got rave reviews at Pirate radio, and would be certain to please the luxury SUV buyer.

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