2019 Honda Insight FWD Touring Sedan

The Honda hybrid was driven to Pirate Radio (104.7 FM) for an analysis by the DJ’s, Matt “The Big Kahuna” Arguello and George “Elvis” Gray:

Front wheel drive – Cosmic Blue metallic paint with Ivory leather seating – 5 passenger – 106.3” wheelbase – 184” long – Weighs 2,987 lbs. – 17”, Sport black/silver painted ten-spoke aluminum alloy wheels – LED daytime running lights and 8” infotainment center – Backup camera, navigation, adaptive cruise control, tilt wheel, and Bluetooth capability – Moonroof – Remote engine starter – AM/AM/FM premium 10 speaker stereo – 1.5 liter, 151 horsepower gasoline/electric 4 cylinder engine with continuously variable automatic transmission – zero to 60 in 9 seconds – $28,985.00  list price           Built in Greensburg, Indiana – 477  miles of range, 45 mpg highway/51 mpg city/48 combined – 10.6 gallon tank

2017 Lexus NX-300h Hybrid AWD 5-Door SUV

The Lexus was driven to Pirate Radio (FM 104.7) for an analysis by the DJ’s, Matt “Big Kahuna” Arguello and George “Elvis” Gray.  Listen to the discussion:

Autumn Shimmer (brown metallic) clear coat paint – Heated black leather buckets – seats 5 – 10.3” touchscreen, with navigation – Weighs 4,180 lbs. – 182.6” long – 2.5 liter four cylinder hybrid power plant, 194 horsepower – 225/60r18 all season tires with vortex-styled alloy wheels – Ten speaker Lexus premium sound system – Power rear tailgate, 18 cubic ft. cargo space, folding rear seat – Continuously variable automatic transmission and all-wheel drive – Moonroof and computer touchpad on console – $50,433.00 Window Sticker – 30 MPG on the highway – 31 MPG combined rating – 33 MPG city.  14.8 gallon tank – regular unleaded fuel

Made in Miyawaka, Fukuoka, Japan

2017 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Limited FWD Sedan

The Toyota Avalon was driven to Pirate Radio for an analysis by DJ’s George Gray and Matt “The Big Kahuna” Arguello during the Morning Show.  Listen in:

Parisian Night Pearl blue metallic paint with black interior  – 5 passenger – 195” long like a Chevy Impala or Ford Taurus – Power black heated and air conditioned leather bucket seats and heated second row seating – 8” Touchscreen with navigation – XM radio and  premium 11 speaker JBL “cabin surround” stereo – Pushbutton start and power rear window shade – 2.5 liter four with 200 system (gas and electric) horsepower – CVT Automatic transmission –  3 driving modes – Backup camera, lane departure warning, heated steering wheel, radar cruise control, and blind spot monitor – 17”  aluminum alloy wheels – $43,639.00  list price – 40 MPG combined mileage, 40 city, and 39 highway – Built in Georgetown, Kentucky

2017 BMW i3 All-Electric Sedan with Range Extender

The BMW was taken to Pirate Radio for analysis by George Gray and Matt Arguello during the Morning Show.  Listen…….

Mineral Grey charcoal metallic paint – Heated Tera (brown) leather buckets – Four passenger seating with rear coach doors – 6.5” touchscreen w/navigation – Weighs 2,899 lbs. – Harman/Kardon premium stereo – All-electric power – 170 horsepower Torque is 184 lb. ft. – two cylinder gas “range extender”, 650cc engine – Rear wheel drive – Backup camera – $54,695.00 Window Sticker – 111 MPGe on the highway – 35 MPG combined rating – 2.4 gallon tank – 97 miles of all-electric range – 83 miles range on gas – Made in Leipzig, Germany


2017 Toyota Prius Prime Advanced Plug-In Hybrid Sedan

As discussed on Pirate Radio 104.7 FM – Myself/George Gray/Matt Arguello

Titanium Glow silver metallic paint – Heated black SofTex leatherette buckets – 4 passenger seating – 11.6” touchscreen – Rear seat tablet holder – Radar cruise control – Weighs 3,375 lbs. – JBL ten speaker stereo – Pushbutton start & Quad-LED headlamps and LED fog lamps – 1.8 liter 121 hybrid system horsepower – torque is 105 lb. ft. – CVT automatic transmission and front-wheel drive – Backup camera – $36,305.00 Window Sticker – 133 MPGe on the highway – 54 MPG combined rating – 11.3 gallon tank  (640 miles of range)

2017 Toyota Prius Four Hybrid Touring Sedan

The blue Prius Four (top of the line) was taken to Pirate Radio FM 104.7 for analysis by DJ’s George Gray and Matt Arguello:

I drove this Prius to Denver twice to attend the Denver Auto Show, and was impressed by the handling and maneuverability of this unit in congested, mid-day downtown traffic and congestion.  I can’t imagine another vehicle doing a superior job.

Blue Crush metallic – Gray Softex heated buckets – 5 passenger – 7” touchscreen – Radar cruise control – Keyless entry/blindspot monitor – Halogen headlights, Daytime running lights, LED taillights – JBL 6 speaker Greenedge sound stereo – Backup camera and navigation – 95 horsepower 1.8 liter cylinder gas and electric drive train – CVT Automatic transmission and front-wheel drive –  $34,181.00 – 54 MPG city , 52 MPG combined 50 MPG highway –  Weighs 3,080 lbs./27.4 cubic ft. of cargo space – 17” Five spoke wheels with LRR P215/45R17 tires

2016 Toyota Prius Four Touring Liftback

20161013_181426_hdrThe fancy Toyota Prius Four was taken to Pirate Radio – Greeley, CO (FM 104.7) to show off to the Morning Show guys, George Gray and Matt Arguello:


 When Takeshi Uchiyamada, a top Toyota manager, was presented in 1995 with the task of developing a new hybrid automobile within two years, he was shocked and in need of inspiration.  He found it by reading, among other things, the accounts of America’s landing of a man on the moon during the 1960’s – both his boss, Toyota president Hiroshi Okuda, and U.S. president John F. Kennedy, had set forth a goal and a timetable for a project for which the technology to complete it did not exist.

Both goals were met, and the Toyota Prius was born in Japan on October 14th, 1997.  In America, the time came to take Prius orders in June of 2000 with a website that immediately lit up with orders, pleasing anxious Toyota executives.  Now global sales of the Prius family of vehicles have reached 5.7 million.

The 2016 Toyota Prius is the first year of the fourth generation of Prii, and I recently tested one for a week.  Keeping up with an industry trend, Toyota has managed to effect fuel economy improvements with each successive generation of the Prius.  The original Prius’ 40 mpg combined mileage rating was increased in to 45 mpg in 2004 by installing all-electric air conditioning and in 2009 an electric water pump and larger engine were incorporated.  Each successive model featured more aerodynamic styling, reducing the drag coefficient to the 2016’s .24 Cd.  My test Prius had the larger, 1.8 liter, four cylinder gasoline engine and two electric motor/generators incorporated in the power train, bringing the total hybrid system net horsepower to 166, with a 50 mpg combined EPA mileage rating.  I was thoroughly satisfied with the driveability, performance, and economy (I observed 51 mpg) of this sedan during my time with it.

The front-wheel drive Prius is surprisingly roomy (it seats five) and comfortable, with two-tone SofTex seats, and 21.6 cubic feet of luggage space.  This Prius was base-priced at $30,005.00, and freight and technology package brought the total to $35,704.00.  That tech package provided hard-disk navigation with 6.1” screen, JBL sound system with MP3 connection, Entune (with smartphone integration), HD/satellite radio, Bluetooth, back-up camera, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, proximity keyless entry, and head-up windshield speedometer display. The exterior of the car included blue-accent car badges, rear spoiler, LED headlamps, front fog lamps, 17” alloy wheels, and P215/45R17 all-season radials.20161013_175220_hdr

I recommend the 2014 Prius sedan as a solid performer and investment.  Nonetheless, I will be looking forward to next year’s 2015, fourth generation Prius that will reportedly deliver a ten percent increase in fuel economy, to 55 mpg.  It will be completely restyled with a reduction in drag, and all-wheel drive is rumored to be an option.

2015 Lexus ES-300h FWD Sedan

20150615_153629On a recent long weekend I was able to test a new Lexus for a trip to Nebraska, and it was the ES series hybrid model that has been available since early 2012.  The car was painted Atomic Silver and had black leather five-passenger seating.  Inside it was black perforated “Semi-Aniline” (a dying process) leather throughout, courtesy of the Ultra Luxury package that was included on this ES.   This added $2,435.00 to the base price of the Lexus ($40,430.00) and included power memory heated/air conditioned front buckets, ambient lighting, bamboo trim, power tilt/telescope steering column, rear sunshades, and driver’s seat power cushion extender.

Additionally, the car had blind spot monitor ($500.00), lane departure alert with intelligent high-beam headlamps ($1,015.00), navigation package with 8″  screen ($1,795.00), power trunk closer ($400.00), intuitive parking assist ($500.00), rain-sensing wipers with de-icer ($155.00),  and heated leather trimmed/bamboo steering wheel ($450.00).  Thus the base price and freight of $925.00 pushed the total M.S.R.P. to $48,605.00.

My father and I bought a brand new 1965 Corsair Corsa for about $46,000.00 less than that figure in Grant, Nebraska fifty years ago.  I bring that up because my 50th class reunion in that town was the reason for the road trip in the Lexus.  I tooled around Grant in the ES300h, a sedan considerably more accomplished than the old Chevy was, and although the Lexus is more expensive, the Corvair was over $20,000.00 if adjusted for inflation.  The Lexus’ current price adjusted back to 1965 dollars comes to $6,500.00, and it may be that Bullock Chevy/Cadillac there in Grant sold a Caddy for about that amount.  I don’t really know, but I do know that Dad and I didn’t bother to look at such a car.20150615_153920

As a popular Lexus hybrid, the ES has an Atkinson-cycle, 2.5 liter, four cylinder gasoline engine at its heart, and two electric motor/generators to contribute power.  An Englishman named Atkinson obtained an American patent on the Atkinson-cycle engine over 120 years ago, but the design wasn’t favored until recently because its efficient fuel consumption aspect was more than offset by its lack of torque.  Well, electric motors provide instant torque, so in the hybrid automobile the Atkinson engine goes with an electric motor like love and marriage.  And in the ES300h, the total package provides 200 horsepower and runs that through a continuously-variable automatic transmission. Reportedly, top speed is 112 mph and zero to sixty acceleration takes 8.1 seconds.

Size-wise, this ES is a luxo-Camry with 111” wheelbase and a 16-foot overall length.  It’s heavier than a Camry, though, at 3,700 lbs. with its big battery.  That battery restricts the trunk to 12.1 cubic feet, and on this ES the lid powers up and down.  No restriction is evident in the back seat, however, with seating for three and a big armrest in the middle.  Riding anywhere in the ES300h is a pleasure, and I felt the ride was superb while motoring up through northeastern Colorado and into Perkins County, Nebraska.  Lexus ES300h styling is suitable for me and me and Ruth really liked the Atomic silver tone.  The front-end styling is fine and so is the rear with the exhaust tips concealed, hybrid-style.

EPA ratings for the ES300h are 40-city, 39-highway, and 40-combined miles per gallon – electric power allows drivers to save fuel in the city.  My average, driving around Greeley as well as the road trip to Nebraska, was 41.1 mpg.  It’s hard to say how much driving is necessary to make a hybrid Lexus pay off; there are other factors involved in the calculations.  With resale value and pride of ownership factored in, this hybrid Lexus looks like a pretty good deal to me.