“New Yellow Car” – 2020 Lexus GS-F RWD Sedan

In Dan Seals’ 1985 hit song “My Old Yellow Car”, the singer describes the dilapidated condition of his ride by referring to the stained back seat as the place where “Larry and Sandy could no longer wait”.  The song, often heard on K96.9FM, has as its provenance the fond memories that the singer has for the old days riding around in his junky vehicle.  

When I received notification that I would soon be receiving a “New Yellow Car”, specifically a 2020 Lexus GS-F, I could no longer wait for its arrival, but unlike Larry and Sandy, had to do so for a few days.  I’ve always had a fondness for yellow cars, and that fact along with the specifications of the GS-F caused my elevated anticipation.  

The 2020 Lexus GS-F rear wheel drive sedan sits on a 112.2” wheelbase, is 72.6” wide, 56.7” tall, and weighs 4,034 lbs.  In some ways I was disappointed that I did not test the Lexus during the heart of the pandemic while the roads were vacated and I could have let the GS-F flex its muscles.  

Muscular is indeed what the GS-F is, featuring a 5.0 liter V-8 with 467 horsepower and an eight speed sport shift automatic with paddle shifters along with the floor stick.  Top speed is reportedly 168 mph and zero to 60 acceleration takes 4.5 seconds.  That acceleration, along with the handling and guidance, were exceptional, and the tires were summer-only staggered Michelin Pilots mounted on deluxe 19” aluminum wheels.   

The 5 passenger interior of the Lexus was sumptuous with high-back heated and air conditioned buckets up front and ambient interior lighting that was dim or bright based on whether the GS—F was parked or in motion.  All other expected interior appointments were on hand to include navigation, moon roof, and even aluminum racing pedals.  The trunk holds 14 cubic ft. of cargo on this unit and the fuel tank holds 17.4 gallons (24 mpg highway rating = 418 miles of range).

The  M.S.R.P. of my test Lexus came in at $89, 510.00, including freight and a 17-speaker Mark Levinson surround sound stereo.  I had a lot of car in my hands for seven days and like Dan Seals, created a few present day memories of my own with it.    


2020 Lexus ES300h FWD Sedan

The Lexus hybrid was driven to Pirate Radio for an analysis by the DJs, Matt “The Big Kahuna” Arguello and George “Elvis” Gray:

Nebula gray pearl paint with black leather seating for 5 and heated and ventilated front buckets – Weighs 3,704 lbs. and is 195.2” long – 16.7 cubic ft. of cargo space in the trunk with power lid – 18” bright machined aluminum wheels and 235/45R18 Hankook Ventus/Noble2 all season radial tires   Pushbutton start, power seats, power sunshade, moon roof – 12.3” infotainment screen and navigation system – backup camera  and 10 speaker XM/AM/FM Mark Levinson premium sound system – Adaptive cruise control, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability, lane change alert, rear cross traffic alert, and blind spot warning – 2.5 liter, 215 horsepower hybrid 4 cylinder engine with continuously variable automatic transmission and front wheel drive – zero to 60 in 8.1 seconds – $53,810.00  list price – built in Georgetown, Kentucky – Fuel economy Combined – 44 mpg / Highway – 43 mpg / City – 44 mpg – (13.2 gallon tank with 580 mi. range)


2019 Lexus UX-250h Hybrid AWD

The Lexus was driven to Pirate Radio for an analysis by the DJ’s, Matt “The Big Kahuna” Arguello and George “Elvis” Gray:

Nori Green Pearl metallic paint with Glazed Caramel NuLuxe seating for 5   Weighs 3,605 lbs. –  177” long/103.9” wheelbase – 21.7 cubic ft. of cargo space in the rear compartment – 19” two-tone painted alloy wheels and 255/50R19 all season tires – Pushbutton start plus tilting/sliding moon roof – LED daytime running lights and triple-beam headlights plus 10.3” infotainment screen and navigation system – 4G LTE WiFi hotspot capability – XM/AM/FM Lexus premium 8 speaker sound system – Backup camera, radar cruise control, tilt wheel, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto capability, power tailgate, collision warning, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind spot warning, and rear cross traffic warning – 2.0 liter, 181 horsepower hybrid four cylinder engine with continuously variable automatic transmission and all-wheel drive – $42,050.00  list price           Built in Miyawaka, Fukuoka, Japan – 38 highway mpg – 41 city mpg – 39 combined mpg  10.6 gallon tank and 403 miles of range 


2019 Lexus GS350 F Sport AWD Sedan

The Lexus was driven to Pirate Radio so that the DJ’s, George “Elvis” Gray and Matt “The Big Kahuna” Arguello, could take a look at it:


Liquid Platinum silver metallic paint – Black and Rioja red leather seating   Naguri aluminum trim – 5 passenger – 112.2” wheelbase – 192.1” long   Weighs 3,891 lbs. –  18.4 cubic ft. of trunk space – 19”, Ten spoke two-toned alloy wheels – P235/40R19 Michelin Primacy MXM4 radial tires – LED daytime running lights and triple beam LED headlights, heated and air conditioned buckets, heated rear seats, plus a 12.3” infotainment screen   Backup camera, navigation, adaptive cruise control, tilt wheel, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, and Bluetooth capability – Blind spot monitor, electric parking brake, pushbutton start, heated steering wheel, and rear cross traffic alert – XM/AM/FM Mark Levinson premium 17-speaker sound system with 330 watts of power – 3.5 liter V-6 with 311 horsepower and 280 lb.-ft. of torque.  Six speed automatic – zero to 60 in 5.8 seconds – 130 mph top speed – $60,749.00  list price           Built in Toyota, Aichi, Japan – 452 miles of range, 26 mpg highway/19 mpg city/21 mpg combined – 17.4 gallon tank

2019 Lexus RX-350 AWD SUV

The Lexus was driven to Pirate Radio for an analysis by the the DJ’s, George “Elvis” Gray and Matt “The Big Kahuna” Arguello:

Ultra White metallic clear coat paint – Heated and ventilated red perforated leather buckets – seats 5 – 12.3” touchscreen, with nav. and panoramic view monitor – Weighs 4,387 lbs. – 192.5” long – 3.6 liter V-6 power plant, 295 horsepower, 268 ft. lb. torque – 235/55r20 all season tires with twenty spoke alloy wheels – Premium Mark Levinson 15 speaker stereo – Lane departure alert, blind spot monitor, radar cruise control – Power rear tailgate, folding rear seat, head up display – Eight  speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive – Panorama moonroof – $61,315.00 Window Sticker – 26 MPG on the highway – 19 MPG city – 22 MPG combined.  19.2 gallon tank – regular unleaded fuel – 500 mi. range – Made in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

2018 Lexus GX-460 Luxury SUV


The Lexus was brought to the studios of Pirate Radio FM104.7 for an analysis by George Gray and Matt Arguello:

Full time four wheel drive – Fire Agate Pearl paint – Sepia leather seating and mahogany trim – 7 passenger w/ 4 captains chairs – 109.8” wheelbase – 192.1” long – Weighs 5,130 lbs. and tows 6,500 lbs. – 18”, Gunmetal silver painted twelve-spoke aluminum alloy wheels – LED daytime running lights and 8” infotainment center – Backup camera, Lexus navigation, adaptive cruise control, tilt wheel, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, and Bluetooth capability   Moonroof and rear dual screen entertainment system – P265/60R18 Bridgestone Dueler mud and snow rated tires – XM/AM/FM Mark Levinson premium surround sound 11 speaker stereo – 4.6 liter, 301 horsepower 8 cylinder engine with six speed automatic transmission – zero to 60 in 7.8 seconds – $72,485.00  list price           Built in Toyota, Aichi, Japan – 414 miles of range, 18 mpg highway/15 mpg city/16 mpg combined – 23 gallon tank

Lexus GS-300 F Sport RWD Sedan

A trip was made to Pirate Radio (104.7 FM) to review the Lexus with Matt “The Big Kanuna” Arguello and George “Elvis” Gray:

Rear wheel drive with 3 driving modes – Ultrasonic Blue Mica blue paint with jet black leather seating – 5 passenger – 193” long like a Chevy Malibu   Weighs 3,805 lbs. with a 38.6’ turning circle – 19”, machined split-five spoke aluminum alloy wheels – Heads up display and LED daytime running lights   Backup camera, navigation, blind spot monitor, cruise control, lane departure warning, and rear park assist/cross traffic alert, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto capability and heated steering wheel – Power sliding moon roof – XM/AM/FM Lexus premium stereo – 8” touchscreen – 2.0 liter 241 horsepower, turbo-four engine with eight speed automatic – zero to 60 in 5.8 seconds – $54,520.00  list price     –      Built in Toyota, Aichi, Japan – 525 miles of range, 30 mpg highway/21 mpg city/24 combined – 17.5 gallon tank

2018 Lexus RX-350 AWD F Sport


At Pirate Radio (104.7 FM) George “Elvis” Gray joined me in taking a look at the Lexus SUV in the parking lot:

Nebula Gray Pearl metallic paint – Red leather seating for 5 – 285 horsepower V-6 – 8 – speed automatic transmission – All wheel drive – 20″ Alloy wheels – F Sport package – Navigation/Mark Levinson stereo/12.3″ touchscreen – Moon roof – Power tailgate – Built in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada – $59,345.00 M.S.R.P. – 26 mpg Highway rating

2017 Lexus NX-300h Hybrid AWD 5-Door SUV

The Lexus was driven to Pirate Radio (FM 104.7) for an analysis by the DJ’s, Matt “Big Kahuna” Arguello and George “Elvis” Gray.  Listen to the discussion:

Autumn Shimmer (brown metallic) clear coat paint – Heated black leather buckets – seats 5 – 10.3” touchscreen, with navigation – Weighs 4,180 lbs. – 182.6” long – 2.5 liter four cylinder hybrid power plant, 194 horsepower – 225/60r18 all season tires with vortex-styled alloy wheels – Ten speaker Lexus premium sound system – Power rear tailgate, 18 cubic ft. cargo space, folding rear seat – Continuously variable automatic transmission and all-wheel drive – Moonroof and computer touchpad on console – $50,433.00 Window Sticker – 30 MPG on the highway – 31 MPG combined rating – 33 MPG city.  14.8 gallon tank – regular unleaded fuel

Made in Miyawaka, Fukuoka, Japan

2017 Lexus RC350 AWD F Sport 2-Door

Recently I drove over to Pirate Radio with my latest test car, the 2017 Lexus RC-350 F Sport, which was painted Caviar (black) and featured a black leather interior.  Pirate Radio is FM 104.7 in Greeley, and the car was there to be analyzed by the DJ’s, George Gray and Matt Arguello.

Their impression of the Lexus was positive, and if they had driven it they would have really gotten excited.

I took care of the driving of the RC-350 for a week and can report that the Lexus is a solid, smooth performer with enough horsepower to accelerate to 60 mph in under 6 seconds.  A couple of years ago I drove the Lexus RC-F, which is identical except for the engine, and of course it was excellent, as well.  The power in the RC-F was a V-8, so performance was more exhilarating.

What I will say about the RC-350, the subject of this evaluation, is that with the V-6 in it the performance was very satisfying, in somewhat of a surprise.  I expected it to pale in comparison (to the V-8), and that was not the case.  In it (the RC-350) is a 3.5 liter, 306 horsepower unit with 277 lb. ft. of torque.  The ultra-smooth power plant features 24 valves, dual overhead cams, direct/port injection, and variable valve timing.  The transmission is an six-speed automatic with floor shift and paddles on the steering column.  Top speed of this rear-wheel drive car is reportedly 155 mph.  As for fuel economy, the automobile rates 26 mpg highway, 19 mpg city, and a combined figure of 21 mpg.  The tank holds 17.4 gallons.

Inside the four-passenger coupe is leather seating for four adults.  It was upholstered in an understated black material with intricate stitching, and black accents were employed successfully throughout the cabin.  The F Sport has badging on the steering wheel (on fenders, as well) and alloy foot pedals are on hand.  Four driving modes are accessible when operating the RC, and they are normal, eco, sport, and sport+.  When in sport+, the dash output changes to red accents and  a large tachometer/digital speedometer.  The ride is great and visibility is about as good as can be expected considering the sporty performance and design.

Lexus has knocked it out of the park with regards to styling of the RC-350, which in the case of my test car featured an Caviar black metallic paint job.  Fifteen-spoke two-toned 19″ alloy wheels were fitted with 235/40R19 (265/35R19 on the rear axle) radials.  When I’m testing a vehicle with different size tires on the front and the rear, I know I have my hands on a hot rod.  The large black “spindle” grill is out front, a spoiler is integrated into the trunk (10.4 cubic ft.), and stainless exhaust finishers are under the rear fascia.

M.S.R.P. of the Lexus RC-350 F Sport is $57,198.00, including a base price of $45,175.00, fog lights ($410.00), F Sport package ($3,700.00), navigation/audio ($2,550.00), intuitive park assist (500.00), moonroof ($1,100.00), rear spoiler ($399.00), protective mats ($280.00), radar cruise control ($500.00), and triple beam LED headlamps ($1,160.00).   Freight was $975.00.

The RC-350 is a surprising value, as performance coupes go, and with its stellar styling and interior appointments, I would recommend it to a prospect in the sector.

Caviar metallic clear coat paint – Heated black leather buckets with black accents – seats 4 – 8.4” touchscreen with navigation – Weighs 3,900 lbs. – 185” long – 3.5 liter V-6 306 horsepower five drive modes – 235/40r19 all season Michelin tires with low gloss F-Sport alloy wheels – Mark Levinson 835 watt premium 17 speaker stereo – Rear spoiler, 10.4 cubic ft. trunk, and moon roof – Six speed Automatic transmission and all-wheel drive – Backup camera, radar cruise control, and blind spot warning – $57,198.00 Window Sticker – 26 MPG on the highway – 21 MPG combined rating – 19 MPG city.  17.4 gallon tank – premium fuel – Made in Tahara, Aichi perfecture, Japan