19 Muscle Cars from ’68

SCAN0044   1968 found me at Keesler Air Force base in Biloxi, Miss., training in airborne radar and Doppler repair work—work I later performed at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. Along the beachfront in Biloxi, all the girls wanted to ride in another G.I.’s green ’68 GTO convertible, while I spent time alone in my blue Beetle………..

To read the remainder of this article at the AAA site Click Here.

One thought on “19 Muscle Cars from ’68

  1. steve blakley

    Loved the article on the 1968 muscle cars. For years I have said that 1968 was THE year for the automobile. I’m also glad to see that a historical review of 1968 is coming to Colorado. One thing I’d like to note about the Encompass cover though, is the car in the lower right corner of the graphic is not a 1968 model. It is at best a 1967 GTO.

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